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Woodrow Wilson (1856 - 1924) our 28th president of the United States (1913- 1921) married for a second time to Edith Boiling Galt. Through this marriage to Edith Galt, Wilson become the only president to have a direct link to native Americans as Edith Galt was a nineth generation descendant of Princess Pocohontas (1595 - 1617).

The oldest known industry is flint knapping involving the production of chopping tools and hand axes dating from 2.5 million years ago in Ethiopia.

The earliest evidence of trading in exotic stone and amber dates from 28,000 BC in Europe.

Agriculture is often described as the oldest industry in the world, but in fact there is no firm evidence yet that it was practiced before 11,000 BC.

The most expensive blanket sold at auction was a Navajo Churro hand spun serape of circa 1852 which sold for $115,500 at Sotheby's New York on October 22, 1983.

The oldest known offensive weapon is a broken wooden spear found in April 1911 at Clacton-on-the-Sea Great Briton by S. Hazzledine Warren. It is much beyond the limit of radio carbon dating but is estimated to have been fashioned before 200,000 BC.

On a more somber note, where the most people hung from one gallows were thirty-eight Sioux Indians hung by William J. Puly outside Mankato Minnesota on December 26, 1862 for the murder of unarmed citizens. Approximately 300 Indians were captured and taken prisoner by the United States Army. Of these, thirty nine were sentenced to death, but one individual turned states evidence, and for that his sentence was commuted by President Lincoln to a term of ten years. The remaining prisoners were set free from federal prison in 1866.

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