Warm Thoughts
Good Memories Supplied by David Anderson

I received a letter from my son the other day, who I haven't seen for some time . His letter brought back memories of years gone by. Although David is only thirteen, I have missed a lot of his growing up. Through the years, I have not been able to spend as much time with him as I'd liked to.

When I get a letter from him, or speak to him over the phone, I remember the times we did spend together. David lives in rural St. Louis, which has many prime locations for searching for Indian artifacts. Quite often when I would be visiting David, we would go to a nearby field and hunt relics for hours at a time. We would walk, and talk together of his school and his baseball team. I found many fine artifacts with him in the surrounding valleys. I can remember clearly the time David found his first arrowhead, all the hunts before that time too when every few seconds he was asking for my opinion on whether what he was enthusiastically showing me was an arrowhead or not. Then every rock looked like an arrowhead to him, Now when we go out together, he has a much better eye, and is finding interesting relics often.
David Anderson about 1984 with our phony Dollie
Warm Thoughts Good Memories Supplied by David Anderson

I remember going hunting with David and our friend Dennis outside of Pacific. It was early morning, with the sun just starting to rise. As we parked the pickup and got out into the field, the fog was still lingering close to the ground, but had pretty much burnt off higher. The grass was dewy so I carried David on my shoulders, and off we went. We had a pretty good day, but later that night I discovered that we had walked through a wet patch of poison ivy. Both Dennis and I had it all over our lower legs because we had been wearing shorts. David was spared because he was 'riding.'

Another time when Dennis, David and I were hunting again was when David was around six. We drove out further into the country to a site we had hunting a few times before. When we pulled up to the field, we could smell a foul odor. After walking up the dirt lane to the back field, we found the source of the smell, many butchered deer carcasses. David was just fascinated with all the bones. Not being one who was unfamiliar with animals, even at that early age David had helped Dennis do some trapping and skinning. David was counting the different animal bones and pointing out the different animals.

That was a big field we then searched. We spread out in different directions. Sometimes David would run over and walk with me, and at other times he would run over to Dennis and walk with him. Even when David was walking with Dennis, he was keeping an eye out for me. I don't know if he was worried about me getting separated from them or what, but every few minutes I'd hear him yell, 'Dad' in a loud voice. Every time I'd answer he'd yell back, 'just checking.' Maybe he thought I would leave him or something. He kept up the yelling conversation for the best part of the day. Every few minutes I'd hear him, even when he was so far away his voice was just a whisper on the wind. I knew it was him looking out for me.

By Jeff Anderson
© 1995 Jeff Anderson