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Canadian Errors Large Cents Indian Cents Lincoln Cents
Half Dimes Liberty V Nickels Sheild Nickels Buffalo Nickels Jeff Nickels
Liberty Seated Dimes Roosevelt Dimes Mercury Dimes Washington Quarters Bust Halves
Liberty Walking Halves Kennedy Halves Tokens Mint Sets Miscellaneous
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1) Coins An Investors and Collectors Guide; Reed 1973 - Very Good condition
2) Official A.N.A Grading Standards for United States Coins 2nd edition; Whitman; 1981 Good condition
3) A Guid of United States Coins Red Book, 35 edition 1982; Yeoman; Good Condition
4) A Guid of United States Coins Red Book, 37th edition 1984; Yeoman; Very Good Condition
5) Handbook of United States Coins Blue Book, 26th edition 1969; Yeoman; Good Condition
6) Standard Catalog of United States Coins & Currency Blue Book, 1938; Good Condition

Large Cents

1819 Obverse reverse XF
1843 Obverse reverse F
1845 Obverse reverse G
1848 Obverse reverse XF
1850 Obverse reverse XF
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Indian Cents

1896 MS-63
1901 G
1903 G
1904 F-12
1904 MS-65
1906 G
1907 G
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Lincoln Cents

1920 P MS-65
1929 P MS-63
1930 P MS-65
1931 S AU-55
1936 S MS-60
1937 D MS-65
1938 P MS-65
1939 D MS-65
1941 P MS-63
1943 D MS-60
1943 D MS-60
1943 P MS-60
1943 S MS-60
1947 S MS-63
1949 S MS-60
1951 S MS-63
1955 P MS-63
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Liberty Seated Dimes

1876 S F/VG
1876 S F
1891 O F
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Mercury Dimes

1916 P MS-60
1936 reverse S MS-65
1936 reverse P MS-65
1937 reverse P MS-65
1938 P MS-63
1940 S MS-60
1940 reverse P MS-65
1940 reverse D MS-65
1940 reverse S MS-60
1941 reverse S MS-65
1941 reverse P MS-65
1941 reverse D MS-65
1943 reverse P MS-63
1945 reverse P MS-65
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Roosevelt Dimes

1946 D MS-60
1946 P VF
1946 S Obverse reverse MS-65
1947 D MS-65
1947 P MS-65
1948 D MS-60
1949 D VF
1949 P MS-65
1950 D MS-65
1951 S MS-60
1952 D VF
1952 P MS-65
1953 S MS-65
1953 S MS-60
1954 S MS-65
1955 P MS-60
1955 S MS-63
1956 P MS-65
1957 P MS-65
1958 D MS-65
1959 P MS-63
1962 P MS-63
1964 D MS-60
1964 D MS-65
1966 P-SMS MS-65
1966 P-SMS MS-65
1967 P-SMS MS-65
1968 P MS-65
1969 S PRF-65
1970 S PRF-65
1977 D MS-65
1981 D MS-63
1982 D MS-65
1982 P MS-65
1984 D MS-63


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Liberty V Nickels

1883 no cents
1883 w/ cents G
1883 no cents reverse MS-63
1884 Obverse reverse G
1899 Obverse reverse G+
1910 Obverse reverse MS-65
1911 MS-63
1912-D Obverse reverse VF
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Buffalo Nickels

1913 I Obverse reverse P MS-63
1913 II Obverse P MS-60
1916 Obverse reverse P MS-60
1917 Obverse D G
1924 S G
1927 S G
1937 Obverse reverse P MS-63
1937 Obverse P MS-63
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1938 Obverse reverse P PRF-63
1938 P PRF-55
1938 P MS-60
1938 Obverse reverse S MS-65
1939 P MS-60 Steps
1939 Obverse reverse P MS-65 DOUBLE
1939 P PRF-65
1939 P MS-63 Steps
1940 D MS-63
1940 D MS-65 Steps
1940 D MS-60 Steps
1940 P MS-63
1940 P PRF-65
1940 S MS-65
1941 D MS-65 Steps
1941 P PRF-63
1941 S MS-65 Steps
1941 S MS-65
1942 Obverse reverse -
golden patina
D MS-63 Steps
1942 Obverse reverse D MS-60
1942 Obverse reverse D MS-63 Steps
1942 P MS-65 Silver
1942 S MS-63 Silver
1943 Obverse reverse P AU-55 Silver
1943 Obverse reverse D MS-65 Silver
1943 Obverse reverse -Steps S MS-65 Silver
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Error Coins

1939 Jeff nickel Double Die Obverse P MS-65
Jeff nickel Double Die Reverse
1954 Jeff nickel S/D MS-65
1955 Jeff nickel D/S MS-65
D/S Reverse
1938 Buffalo Nickel D/D MS-65
1938 Buffalo Nickel D/S MS-65
1978 Off Center Quarter 10% .25 K10 BU
1983 Off Center Kennedy 10% .50 K4 P BU
1983 Off Center Nickel 45% .05 K12 P BU
1971 Off Center Dime 50% .50 K12 D BU
1980 Off Center Nickel 55% .05 K10 P BU
1983 Off Center Nickel 55% .05 K11 BU
Dime Planchet Type I
Dime Planchet Type II C-N
Ike Planchet Type I
Ike Planchet Type II
Nickel Planchet Type I
Nickel Planchet Type II
Quarter Planchet Type II
1979 Quarter on Nickel Planchet P AU
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Hobo Style Nickel AU-50
Merc Dime starter book 41 coins G - VF
Roosevelt Dime starter book 67 coins G+ - AU
Indian Cent starter book 28 coins G+ - VF
Jeff Nickel started book 65 coins G+ - VF
Jeff Nickel started book 52 coins F - VF
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RAW:coins that have been in circulation and are graded with terms like VF to BU.
VF: represents coins as Very Fine.
XF: represents coins as Xtra Fine.
AU: represents coins as About Uncirculated.
CU: represents coins as Commercial.
BU: represents coins as Brilliant.
SLAB: is a term used for coins that have been certified by services like the PCGS, NGC or ANACS. All which are guaranteed genuine and used to trade based on their grade, (MS).
MS: is the mint state followed by a number from 60 to 66. Coins graded MS-60 and MS-61 represent coins with many wear marks but are still valued higher than "raw" coins noted as brilliant. Coins graded MS-62 to MS-64 are coins with very few bagmarks, but with full mint luster. The coins graded MS-65 and MS-66 represent coins that have almost no marks and are very nicely struck.