Look for these and other columns in Indian Artifact Magazine (IAM), The Central States Journal (CSAJ) and others.

Warm Thoughts IAM Vol 14-2
My Own Startup Story IAM Vol 15-2
My First Clovis IAM Vol 16-3
Dog Days IAM Vol 16-4; CSAJ Vol 45-2
Tanks You IAM Vol 17-1
GI Joe
The Lesson of Mr. Ploenges Farm IAM Vol 18-1, CSAJ Oct 2001
The 1982 Flood IAM Vol 19-1
Brothers of the Three Fires IAM Vol 19-3
The Grassy Pendant IAM Vol 19-4
Marion County Indiana Lost Lake CSAJ Oct 2001 IAM Vol 21-2
Obscurus Lowdownus 1
Obscurus Lowdownus 2
Two (Ax) Times the Fun Memorable Memorial Day
The Traveling Celt IAM Vol 20-1
The Head Banging Relic Hunt IAM Vol 20-1 IAM Vol 22-4

Ultra Thin St. Charles Dove IAM Vol 21-3
Life Under the Plow ZoneIAM Vol 22-2
Quick email to relic buddy CSAJ Oct 2002
What Won't Some Women Do For Love
My Adz
Taking Darrell's truck out for a push CSAJ Spring 2003
A Special Day

[ Non Relic ]
The Unsung Hero Special Edition Monthly Hancock County Indiana Nov 2002
A 1982 Accident